Lesser James

Once when I was at a music festival, I was so struck by a simple t-shirt at a merch booth that to this day, even though I never bought the shirt, the message of the shirt stays with me and impacts my thinking on a regular basis.  Those small moments are why I’ve continuously sought out different and new creative outlets, and found joy in doing it. Seeing people wear t-shirts I’ve designed, resonate with a song in a new way with help from a video I directed, being able to capture a snapshot of the joy of family members in love; I treat these moments like currency to collect.  I appreciate you taking the time to check out my work, or at least giving my site a unique hit. In addition to being able to see my reel on this page, you can find a good amount of my most proud recent work on the main page.

Oh, and because I get asked a lot – my first name is not ‘lesser’. My name is James. Lesser James originated from trying to decide if I wanted to use my own name to brand myself, or come up with a company name. This was the middle ground compromise my brain came up with, which is a reference to a minor biblical character.



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