Lesser James

Mindy Moody, Newlywed

“James was amazing to work with! He brought so much energy to my day, but yet stayed behind the scenes when he needed. When I got my video back, it brought me to tears! He is amazing at what he does and I could not have been happier! He truly has talent! Money well spent and I would do it all over again!!”

Nathan Mowery, DDP Yoga

“Love this guy. I’ve worked with him on a few occasions. He makes projects incredibly fun and easy to be on. Great vision and class act. Highly recommended.”

Devin Shelton, Emery/Solo Artist

“James is awesome at what he does. I’ve worked with James through Emery and my solo project and he hasn’t disappointed! He has great vision for what is needed for each project, and it’s rare to have seamless communication with a director. Music video for my song ‘Sensation’ is coming out soon and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Brad Mock, Youth Pastor – Christ Community Church

“We have worked with James multiple times and each time it’s been excellent. From coming to our event and shooting video and editing it quickly so we could show it live at our event, to traveling hours from home to film some promo videos for us, to working remotely for a video for a different event…James can do and do well anything we have thrown at him (have used him at least 4 different times for a total of at least 10 videos). So, we will continue to throw more!”

Matt MacDonald, BadChristian/The Classic Crime/Vocal Few

“I’ve worked with James on many music video projects for my band the Classic Crime, the band Emery, and another one for my other band Vocal Few. He is very responsive, quick, and professional. He has the rare ability to be in the moment, adjusting to circumstances with speed and ingenuity. His work is top quality for a fair price. You’d be hard pressed to find someone as multi-talented when it comes to video production. I highly recommend!”

[trinjensen photography]

“James is extremely talented and fantastic to work with. He is creative beyond words and always thinks outside the box.”

Wayne State College Athletics

“James always seems to be on the cutting edge of the latest trends. He is very diverse in what he can do. Giving multiple projects, he can do a certain theme and make them look the same or completely different. He is very easy to work with and never disappoints! I would recommend him to anyone.”

Courtney Thompson, World Race

“Awesome communication. Very flexible. I had a vision of what I wanted in my head and my design turned out better than I had imagined. I am so happy with it. Quick to get back to me & made sure that I was happy. Can’t wait to print the shirts. Thanks for making this girl happy! I would highly recommend this work.”

Maria Hansen, Creation Festivals

“So creative! His energy and enthusiasm are a delight to work with. Plus his expertise in so many areas (video, photography, graphic design, etc) is wonderful. I would highly recommend James to anyone needing creative work done!”