Lesser James

These two are awful. Cute, kind, gracious, photogenic; the worst kind of people to take pictures of when you’re single. They trusted me with their engagement pictures and I was really excited to use this opportunity to try new things and push my creative boundaries. I haven’t done a ton of engagement sessions in the past out of fear of boredom, out of a cynical perspective that it’s not art it’s just a product to be consumed, etc. My only goal for this year is to enter into creative moments and see what comes out of them, so this seemed like a God-gifted opportunity to try to push myself and offer up a unique product that nobody else could give. Click the link below for the blog post with their pictures!


Jordan and Lindsay

JordanLindsay-edit8-1.jpg JordanLindsay-web-127.jpg JordanLindsay-web-165.jpg