Lesser James

“True love is just around the corner.”

This project was conceptualized, scripted, cast, shot, edited and rendered over a weekend as part of the 2017 48 Hour Film Project in Chicago. A lot of beer, Red Bull, PB&J, throwing up, laughter and celebrity look-alikes were involved. Not a lot of sleep was.

Character – Ryan or Rachel Hammersmith, a pest control professional
Prop – Manilla Envelope
Line of Dialogue – “Where did you find that?”
Genre – Romance

Directed by James Wightman
Script written by James Wightman and Jameson Den Hartog
1st AD – Jameson Den Hartog
2nd AD/Script Supervisor/”Dave” – Nate Wray Smith
Director of Photography – David Keyser
Special Effects & Makeup Artist – Maria Ropinski
Editor – Anna Munzesheimer
Colorist – Francis Kang
Composer – Richie Palys
Sound Designer/Foley Artist – Bryan Becker
Production Sound Mixer – Baili Martin
Production Assistants – Hannah Malik, Amanda Tarrell, Mary Hess, Michael Franco
Rachel Hammersmith – Angie Kalaj
Jeremy – Cam Herdt
Ben – Ryan Johnson
Sarah – Amanda Berrios
Date #2 – Hannah Malik
Date #3 – Mary Hess
Uber Passngers – Caroline Comstock, Michael Franco, Maria Ropinski
Victim #2 – Jameson Den Hartog
Victim #3 – James Wightman